The wonderful city of the two seas, Salento's pearl, capital of the Magna Greece

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Taranto, called "Città dei due Mari" (city of the two seas) is divided in two parts: one on the dry land and the other (the oldest one) on an islet. Taranto is one of the most important commercial and military harbours in Italy, full of charm. Its streets and squares are embellished with ancient monuments. The old city is surrounded by two seas, the Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo, and consists of narrow alleys and sunny squares with elegant houses; in the lower part of the island there is the old maritime hamlet inhabited by fishermen, while in the  higher part there are palaces, churches and monuments from different ages and with different styles.

Taranto is characterized by different styles and cultures: the Church of San Domenico Maggiore with its fourteenth-century facade; the Duomo; Piazza Municipio with a column of a sixth-century B.C. greek temple dedicated to Poseidon; the aragonese castle; Villa Peripato, in a green oasis, with a terrace that overlooks the Mar Piccolo. The tourists can also explore the coasts or eat aboard the fishing boats. Taranto's gastronomy is based on fish and vegetables accompanied with local wines.


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