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Maria Mennella

Holidays on the Costa Degli Aranci in Calabria - the 10 places not to be missed On the Costa degli Aranci - Crystal clear sea - White beaches - Breathtaking cliffs - Centers rich in History, Art and Culture in a Nature that amazes at every glance Today I take you to the Costa degli Aranci , that stretch of coast that goes from Botricello to Guardavalle, includes about 70 km of coastline, falling on the Ionian side of the province of Catanzaro. The Costa degli Aranci includes the territories of more than 50 municipalities, almost 2/3 of the entire province. The Costa degli Aranci on the Gulf of Squillace is the ideal destination for beach holidays in Calabria, characterized by one of the most beautiful sea in the Mediterranean with shallow coasts, where long sandy beaches alternate with breathtaking cliffs.

The Costa degli Aranci boasts some of the most beautiful locations in Calabria, today I suggest 10 absolutely not to be missed. The pearl of the Ionian is definitely Soverato which offers everything you need for a 360 ° beach holiday, with beautiful and wide beaches and crystal clear sea by day, and nightlife in the evening, which make it a tourist center of excellence. where young people and families find the right mix of fun and relaxation for a perfect beach holiday.

Not far from Soverato is the beautiful enchanted village of Badolato, and the wide, sandy beaches, up to Guardavalle, a real treasure for seaside tourism which in summer makes the beaches of the Costa degli Aranci full of life and events. Certainly the most suggestive location is the one characterized by wide beaches of fine white sand that alternate with granite cliffs that in some places fall sheer into the sea, in other points they form small and colorful sea caves, or small bays reachable only from the sea, we are between Squillace and Montauro, on the beautiful beaches of Copanello Caminia and Pietragrande, which offering suggestive views and corners, which only uncontaminated nature can offer, with a clear and crystalline sea with blue colors that tend to turquoise and Emerald.

The Caminìa beach enclosed in the cliff is a true paradise for all the senses. Next to Caminia the Cassiodorus Basins, here in ancient times fish were raised, and this place of aquaculture is important for the link with the Vivarium which he had founded there, unlike any other monastic center, it included the library, the writer, the copying and transcription center of important documents and texts, near Copanello disputed with the nearby Squillace, with a stupendous lido, with wide sandy beaches, and shallow waters, and then taking a trip to the medieval village of Squillace is a moment, yes they will be able to admire the scenic and artistic beauties of a center strongly linked to craftsmanship, and on the top of the inhabited center the imposing well-preserved Castle.

We leave Squillace to visit the Roccelletta di Borgia Archaeological Park, the Scolacium Archaeological Park, an archaeological area of ​​considerable historical value, a park of olive trees where, in addition to visiting the museum, you can turn in an open-air museum, between the archaeological excavations that have brought to light, the ancient Roman forum, the theater, the Roman amphitheater, several houses from the Roman era, and at the top of the hill an old necropolis, we are in the ancient Greek Skylletion which was later Roman Scolacium. A few meters from the entrance we are welcomed by the Roccelletta di Borgia the Basilica of Santa Maria della Roccella, probably built in the 11th century by the Normans and considered one of the major Templar churches in Italy, perhaps left unfinished.

The Costa degli Aranci is certainly not just sea, although from Guardavalle up to Botricello there are many beautiful beaches, we mention the Marina di Borgia the Lido di Catanzaro, which I remember is the capital of the Calabria Region, and again Sellia Marina up to , like Montepaone Lido itself, places characterized by wide and long stretches of sand perfect for a beach holiday in total freedom, thanks to the many accommodation facilities available, to the beaches able to offer impeccable beach service, but also thanks to the many free beaches, even in the most renowned locations that allow you to experience the sea in complete freedom while respecting nature and the environment.

In Calabria, the traditions of the different localities are strongly linked to the sea, which are not mere tourist resorts that live only in summer, for seaside tourism, but next to a seaside resort there is always a center where traditions, history, culture, art, nature and gastronomy are able to offer a treasure that can always be used throughout the year, with the beautiful medieval centers, one of many Tiriolo, a village strongly linked to craftsmanship, or the villages of art, primarily in the Presila Catanzarese Taverna, where the most important Calabrian painter Mattia Preti was born here. Certainly worth a visit also: Zagarise; Sersale which boasts a naturalistic area of ​​particular interest, the Valli Cupe; Belcastro. On the Costa degli Aranci as in all of Calabria, each center has its own peculiarities, so take some time and come and discover Calabria, starting right from the Costa degli Aranci.

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