Where to eat rabbit Ischia

Martedì 19 Gennaio 2021 | di Ilaria M.

The rabbit Ischia: "the king of Ischia", a guide to find out where to eat the typical dish par excellence!

From the restaurant "il Comignolo" to the farm "la Torre di Mezzo", we have selected for you the 6 restaurants where the rabbit all'ischitana is cooked as usual.
Ischia, despite being an island, has a strong culinary link with the land more than with the sea because the cultivation has always been the first source of livelihood of the islanders, thanks to the fertility of volcanic land that allowed to have abundant harvests. Brought by the Romans on the island of Ischia, the rabbit has become the dish par excellence, mainly cooked on special occasions, celebrations or Sunday dish. On the island, rabbits are raised in "pits" dug deep into the ground, allowing rabbits to create tunnels and move freely, which makes rabbit meat more tender and flavorful than those reared in cages. You ask yourself "but where to eat rabbit in Ischia"? To this question we answer you with a list of restaurants that prepare rabbit all'ischitana as tradition dictates.

Top 6 restaurants to eat rabbit in Ischia

  • Ristorante il "Comignolo"
  • Ristorante il "Focolare"
  • Ristorante la "Battigia"
  • Ristorante "Peppina di Renato"
  • Agriturismo la "Torre di Mezzo"
  • Ristorante la "Porta di Agartha"