What to do in April in Ischia

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Everything there is to do in Ischia in April

April in Ischia is a wonderful month, in which spring flowering characterizes the typical alleys of the island, making it a true paradise on earth. The temperate climate and the splendid sunny days favor outdoor walks, visits to the main attractions and the famous shops that offer the typical gastronomy of the Easter period. In April the doors of the warm season reopen, and it is precisely for this reason that we will list the 8 most beautiful things to do in Ischia in April, the prettiest month of all.

8 things to do in Ischia in April

1. Visit to the Torrione of Forio

The Torrione (dating back to 1480) is the main of the seven towers of Forio, the most imposing and with the fundamental task of spotting in time the incursions of the Saracen fleets which, without respite, invaded the Foriano territory. Enclosed among the compact houses of the town, the Torrione majestically dominates them, giving an elegant ancient charm to the historic center of Forio. Today the tower is a museum: the lower floor hosts various events and exhibitions by artists from Ischia, while the upper floor is entirely dedicated to the works of the versatile artist Giovanni Maltese, known as a sculptor and painter, but also as a poet of numerous poems, who lived the Torrione for about 30 years. It is absolutely worth a visit.

Torrione in Forio

 Useful information

OPENING HOURS - Every day from 09:30 to 12:30 and from 19:00 to 22:30 (closed on Mondays)
RATES - The cost of admission to the upper room is €2 per person, except for residents, school groups and children under 16.

2. Relax at the Poseidon Gardens

If you come to Ischia in April, you cannot give up a day of wellness at the Poseidon Gardens, the most beautiful thermal park in Italy. The park is located in Forio d'Ischia, in the marvelous bay of Citara, and reopens in April in an atmosphere of tranquility and total relaxation. The Poseidons offer around 20 pools, including thermal water pools with strong healing properties (28°-40°), pools suitable for sports swimming and children's pools. Climbing towards the mountain, it is possible to enter the characteristic natural sauna, located inside a cave dug into the tuff, the magmatic rock of which Ischia is composed. During the day it is possible to alternate the swimming pools with the enchanting private beach characterized by natural raffia umbrellas, which have become the identifying symbol of the Poseidons. In short... if you need peace, the Poseidons of Ischia are the right place.

Poseidon Gardens of Ischia in April

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OPENING HOURS - Tutti i giorni dalle 09:00 alle 19:00
RATES -   Discover the rates of the Poseidon Gardens

3. Lunch in Ischia Ponte

Ischia Ponte is the oldest and most famous village on the island of Ischia: with its characteristic alleys and old houses close to each other, Ischia Ponte makes us feel immersed in the past. After a morning walk among the shops and typical shops, a lunch break in front of the Aragonese Castle, the majestic symbol of Ischia, is a must. The offer is wide: here are some of the best restaurants serving good fresh fish, but also pubs and pizzerias if you want a tasty and cheap solution.

Lunch in Ischia Ponte overlooking the Aragonese Castle

Find out how to reach it
Map: displays the recommended route with the Line 7 bus

4. Visit to the Church of San Vito

The Church of San Vito is very old, dating back to 1306, and stands on a small hill kissed by the sunset which is the entrance to the homonymous and famous district of Forio, in the historic center of the town. The cathedral is dedicated to the patron saint of Forio, San Vito, and its fascinating facade certainly cannot go unnoticed: defined, clean, detailed by two large colored ceramics and flanked by the two bell towers. It is certainly worth a visit.

Church of San Vito in Forio

Find out how to reach it
Map: displays the recommended route

5. Photographic itinerary in Serrara

A holiday in April in Ischia requires a photographic itinerary to follow in order to take precious memories with you in your return baggage, but it is important to know the right places to capture spectacular places from the right perspective. Serrara-Fontana is the highest municipality of Ischia, which you can enter on the road along the various bends, looking for the right shot and experiencing unique and indelible emotions. In particular, from the Serrara belvedere it is possible to enjoy a fantastic panorama of Sant'Angelo, the most chic village on the island, being able to see the island of Capri in the distance. April is the ideal month to follow this itinerary, with cool temperatures and fabulous days.

Sant'Angelo from the Serrara viewpoint in Ischia

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6. Taste the artisanal dove in Barano

If you come on holiday to Ischia in April, you absolutely must taste the artisanal dove of the "Panificio Ferrari" in Barano d'Ischia, renowned and known throughout the island. The family-run bakery, active since 1920, is a true specialist in making Easter cakes and produces them for all tastes: the classic, with pistachio, with berries, with chocolate, coconut and Nutella and so on. You absolutely have to taste this goodness.

Artisan dove with coconut and nutella in Ischia

7. Tasting of the typical salami of Ischia

The gastronomy of Ischia is a true excellence, varied and tasty, traditional and eccentric: rabbit salami, for example, you can only taste it in Ischia. Precisely from "Ischia Salumi", an artisan workshop of typical Ischian cured meats, located in Ischia Ponte, a stone's throw from the Aragonese Castle. On a warm April afternoon, you can stop in this original salami factory for an aperitif accompanied by local cheeses and salami. It is a truly tantalizing experience for the palate... not to be missed.

8. Discover the sources of Nitrodi

Nitrodi is one of the most famous springs of Ischia, from which healing waters gush capable of remedying various dermatological pathologies: the ancient Greeks already went to the miraculous spring to heal war wounds, thinking that the place was inhabited by Nymphs. This almost "magical" place still exists today, characterized only by waterfall showers of pure water at a natural temperature of 28°, without any type of chemical alteration.

Thermal spring of Nitrodi in Ischia

 Useful information

OPENING HOURS - APRIL-NOVEMBER 10:30 am -05:30 pm / MAY-OCTOBER 10:00 am - 06:00 pm / JUNE-SEPTEMBER 09:00 am - 07:00 pm
RATES  Check out Nitrodi's rates

These are just 8 ideas on what to do in Ischia in April, but the green island offers countless other experiences and magnificent places to explore.

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