What to do in august in Ischia

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All there is to do in Ischia in August

Ischia is the ideal destination for those who love relaxation, but also for those who love adventure. Fantastic beaches, but also paths and trails immersed in nature to be experienced in the early hours of the morning.

The nightlife is always intense and colorful: the locations of the Riva Destra in Ischia Porto and the bars of S. Gaetano in Forio are famous.

8 things to do in Ischia in August

1. Experience the nightlife on the Riva Destra

An unmissable stop for those who choose to experience the nightlife in Ischia: la Riva Destra, with its terraced clubs along the port, is the ideal place to dine in a characteristic restaurant and continue the evening having a drink, having fun until late at night.


2. Visit the little bars of S. Gaetano in Forio

San Gaetano in Forio d'Ischia is a destination with a wonderful charm, where the modern nightlife is enhanced by the characteristic alleys, steeped in history. In the evening San Gaetano turns into a real party, thanks to the many bars frequented by young and old.

Movida in Forio d'Ischia


3. Trekking in Piano Liguori

Especially for lovers of adventure and nature, the path to the plateau of Piano Liguori leaves everyone speechless: a rural, remote and incredibly irresistible place.
The simplest route starts from Campagnano (Ischia), from which you go through a series of stone steps that allow you to reach the Village. Alternatively, the path can start from Schiappone (Barano d'Ischia), crossing a much more difficult path, but with a breathtaking view of the magical Bay of San Pancrazio.

Piano Liguori Ischia

4. A dip in the bay of San Pancrazio

The Bay of San Pancrazio is a small hidden paradise on the island of Ischia. Reaching the bay by sea allows you to enjoy a crazy natural scenery, characterized by jagged rocks, pebble sand and a clear emerald green sea. If you visit Ischia you cannot give up a dip in these wonderful waters, also making a stop at the famous Grotta del Mago and the Scarrupata Bay, right near Punta San Pancrazio.

San Pancrazio Bay


5. A day at the Maronti Beach

The Maronti Beach, in Barano d 'Ischia, is the most beautiful, the busiest and the largest of the entire island, reaching 3 km in length. It can be reached by car or taxi from Testaccio, along the characteristic hairpin bends on the imposing hills overlooking the beach, or by sea from the village of Sant'Angelo. Varied of bathing establishments and restaurants in which to eat sandwiches, bruschetta and excellent fish dishes, the Maronti also have a large free beach area where you can spend the whole day at 0 cost. A must are the famous Fumarole.

Maronti Beach


6. Aperitif with sunset view in Forio d'Ischia

Ischia is living emotions and sensations, and the ischian sunsets make the moment an almost mystical experience. The ideal place to admire a hot August day that comes to an end is definitely Forio d'Ischia: on the west coast of the island, every evening the sky is tinged with orange, yellow, red and pink. Relaxing in one of the many sea view cafes, you can enjoy an amazing show, perhaps with the right company, in front of a good Aperol Spritz and some typical island snacks.

Aperitif sunset view


7. Taste the famous "Cornetto Ischitano"

Ischia is sun, sea, nature, relaxation, but above all ISCHITAN CORNETTO! The island enjoys the reputation of baking the best croissants in the world, thanks to a soft dough, similar to that of a brioche, which gives authenticity and delicacy to Ischian breakfasts. Those who visit Ischia certainly cannot go home without having tasted the delicious croissant of the historic Bar Calise, whose record is enviable and dates back to the late 1960s.


8. Eat the Boccia sandwich with a view of the Castle

The warm bread from the "da Boccia" bakery, freshly baked and stuffed with mortadella, belongs to one of the gastronomic experiences not to be missed if you are in Ischia! You have to reach Ischia Ponte to enjoy this steaming and crunchy delicacy, walking around the village or sitting on the small wall of the pier that connects Ischia to the islet of the majestic Aragonese Castle. Tourists who try this "spartan" experience understand the true soul of the island: quality in simplicity.

Sandwich castle view

These are only 8 things to do and to experience in Ischia in August, but the island abounds in particularities and treasures that make it unique and inimitable ... and they are all to be discovered!

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