Ischia New Year: what to do, what to see and where to go

Lunedì 28 Settembre 2020 | di Ilaria M.

New Year in ischia

Holiday program

In Ischia, the New Year is an event deeply felt by the local community. In the six municipalities of Ischia, New Year's events take place for almost a whole month. Few places in Italy offer such a rich organization of initiatives for the Christmas holidays. We have selected all the Christmas, New Year and Epiphany events in Ischia. A complete guide to really know everything about New Year's Eve events in Ischia to know day by day for the entire month what to do, what to see, and how to have fun in these beautiful parties.

  • Thursday 15th December
  • Friday 16th December
  • Saturday 17th December
  • Sunday 18th December
  • Monday 19th December
  • Tuesday 20 December
  • Wednesday 21 December
  • Thursday 22nd December
  • Friday 23 December
  • Saturday 24th December
  • Sunday 25th December
  • Monday 26th December
  • Tuesday 27th December
  • Wednesday 28th December
  • Thursday December 29th
  • Friday December 30th
  • Saturday 31 December
  • Sunday 1st January
  • Monday January 2nd
  • Tuesday January 3rd
  • Wednesday 4th January
  • Thursday 5th January
  • Friday 6th January