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What to do in december in Ischia

Mercoledì 21 Settembre 2022 | di Luisa B.

All there is to do in Ischia in December

The green island is the most beautiful island in the world: Travel + Leisure magazine says it in “25 Best Islands in the World 2022”: Ischia is at the top of the ranking, followed by the Maldives and then by Bali. The reason? Ischia is a complete tourist destination that is not limited to tourism of high summer temperatures, but has a strong identity that makes it highly appreciated by tourists and also selected as a destination in December.

8 things to do in Ischia in December

1. Take a winter bath

Ischia is always a perfect choice for the sea ... even in December. Few places in the world allow you to take a bath at high temperatures right in the sea: plunging into the warm thermal waters of the Fumarole (beach of Maronti, Barano d'Ischia) or of Sorgeto (locality Panza, Forio d'Ischia) are unique experiences, from do it at least once in a lifetime. The hot water derives from the volcanic activity of the island and has evident beneficial properties for the skin, but in general a thermal bath in Ischia is also an excellent cure-all for the mind, giving an intense feeling of relaxation.

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 Thermal baths of Sorgeto

2. Celebrate the Immaculate Conception

December 8th is an important day for the inhabitants of Ischia, being a population with a strong Christian faith. In addition to the celebration of the Mass of the Immaculate Conception, the procession and other religious functions, on this day the island becomes a real party, because it opens the dances to the Christmas period: markets, shops and decorated houses, lights for the characteristic alleys of the center ... the real magic of Christmas begins.

Illuminations in Forio d' Ischia

3. Taste the struffoli

Coming to Ischia in December and not tasting the delicious struffoli is not acceptable. It is a typical Christmas cake, a symbol of good luck for the new year, imported to Ischia from the nearby Neapolitan Christmas tradition. Coated with honey and colorful sprinkles, they don't need any further detailed descriptions, just have to be tried!

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Ischitan Struffoli

4. Relax at the Spa

"Ischia" and "Terme" we could definitely define them as two synonyms. Especially in December, Ischia is the ideal destination for relaxing in indoor pools or undergoing spa treatments carried out by professionals specialized in thermalism. In short ... pamper yourself!

Thermal baths in Ischia 

5. Visit the churches

Choosing Ischia for the winter holidays certainly includes a tour of the fascinating island churches that are a really interesting attraction to which you must pay attention. We start by making a small itinerary to visit them all (or almost). The first stop ever is the beautiful Chiesa del Soccorso, dedicated to the Madonna della Neve: white, simple and with a typically Mediterranean style, whose interior houses several paintings of scenes related to the sea dating back to the Age of Enlightenment. The church is the queen of the breathtaking surrounding scenery, in fact it is right above the sea of ​​Forio with a view of both the bay of San Francesco and the bay of Citara. The tour continues with a trip to Ischia Ponte, where the solemn Cathedral of the Assumption is located, recognizable by the external wrought iron gate and the purely Baroque style facade.


Soccorso Church 

6. Ice skating

Every year in Ischia there is never a shortage of events and winter entertainment, especially in view of the Christmas holidays. One of the favorite entertainment for young people (and not only) is undoubtedly ice skating. The large rink is installed every year in the center and is a meeting place and entertainment for everyone, as well as being an exhibition point for professional skaters in view of the organized evenings-shows.

Ice skating in Ischia 

7. Walk to Via Roma

The center is always to be experienced, it is the place where there is the spirit of any holiday destination: habits, customs and much more reside there. Walking through the center of Ischia in December transmits all the traditions, flavors and culture of Ischia to those who do not know the place. Via Roma (or also Corso Vittoria Colonna) is the pivotal street of the island, a shopping area, typical shops, events and characteristic Christmas markets. You absolutely have to go there!

Via Roma in Ischia

8. Castle view cafe

After a walk in Via Roma, why not reach the village of Ischia Ponte for a coffee overlooking the castle? Coat and scarf and you go to enjoy an excellent coffee at Bar Cocò, right in front of the beautiful Aragonese Castle which, even in December, boasts an irresistible charm.

Coco' coffee in Ischia Ponte

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