What to do in february in Ischia

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All there is to do in Ischia in February

Ischia in February becomes a destination with an irresistible charm. In addition to the enchanting landscapes of the sea in winter, Ischia offers a wide range of things to do and see, despite the colder temperatures. It is precisely for this reason that 8 things to do absolutely in Ischia in February will follow: whether it is for a short weekend or for a longer stay, Ischia always surprises everyone.

8 things to do in Ischia in February

1. Experience the Ischian Carnival

If you decide to spend a few days in Ischia in February, why not do it just in conjunction with the Carnival party? On this day Ischia becomes a container of colors and flavors: thanks to the beautiful masked parades, musical events and fantastic artistic shows that are organized in the squares of the whole island.

Carnival in Ischia

2. Taste the "Migliaccio"

Ischia is an eclectic destination: history, culture, tourism and lots of gastronomy. Those who choose Ischia as their destination for February, will have to do so with the awareness that the return from the trip will be with a wealth of many new culinary discoveries and, probably, with a few healthy extra pounds. In this month many delicacies related to the Carnival party are prepared, such as the "Migliaccio", a typical poor dessert from Campania: as is well known ... beauty and goodness lie precisely in simplicity. In fact, the migliaccio is made with a few simple ingredients such as milk, eggs, ricotta and pieces of cedar which, put together, give life to a real joy for the palate. Another delight is undoubtedly the famous "chiacchiere", rigorously immersed in black pudding, a tasty chocolate cream that the older generations did not use ... in ancient times the chatter was dipped in real pig blood!

Chiacchiere Carnival in Ischia

3. Celebrate Valentine's Day

February, in addition to being the month of pranks and gossip, is also the month of love. Ischia is a very romantic destination, thanks to the sweet atmosphere that is created around the wonderful natural landscapes. To celebrate Valentine's Day together with your other half in Ischia, you can relax in a Spa, you can dine together in a typical restaurant, or you can make the sunrise together in front of the majestic Aragonese Castle, fully experiencing the magic of love.

Aragonese Castle in Ischia

The image portrays the Aragonese Castle at the dawn of the month of February

4. Discover the thermal waters

Forget the imperial baths of 375 BC: thermalism is the focal point of the identity of the island of Ischia, which is the mother of the baths. So, why not take advantage of the not exactly beach temperatures to immerse yourself in warm natural thermal waters? We must imagine how intoxicating it can be to bathe in waters that reach over 40 °, while the outside temperature does not exceed 15 °. An incredible experience. Whether it is in a specialized spa or in a natural sea basin such as that of Sorgeto, you must absolutely experience thermalism in Ischia.

Thermal baths in Ischia

 5. Trekking on Pizzi Bianchi

Although Ischia is most renowned for its spas, the sensational trekking routes, such as the one to reach the famous Pizzi Bianchi, are not to be underestimated. The Pizzi of Ischia are white tuff spiers, eroded and shaped over time by rain and bad weather, which have given life to a real work of art of divine origin. Legend has it that once, among the pointed and singular white rocks, hermits hid who spent their solitary existence in tuff caves, in the middle of nature uncontaminated by human beings. Today the hermits are no longer there: the Pizzi Bianchi d'Ischia are now the destination of countless tourists who try their hand at the route starting from Noia, a town in the municipality of Serrara Fontana (reachable by the CD bus line). The path opens downhill, is particularly steep and slippery, therefore it is strongly not recommended for those suffering from vertigo. The steeper sections are facilitated by wooden planks, but comfortable clothing is still recommended, consisting of trekking shoes and long pants, to hang over the tall grass. It is advisable to continue to the Maronti beach and retrace the ascent path: the return offers the best and unforgettable view of the majestic Pizzi Bianchi.

Pizzi Bianchi in Ischia

6. Cultural tour

If you choose Ischia as a destination for February, it is interesting to take a look at the many cultural attractions that the ancient Greek colony makes available to its visitors. In just one day it is possible to organize an itinerary dedicated to culture, exploring and knowing the island's past, perhaps visiting the Sea Museum, the Mediterranean churches or the famous Museum of Villa Arbusto, where the oldest fragment of poem of history, engraved on the "Cup of Nestor".

Cup of Nestor in Ischia

7. Celebrate San Gabriele

On February 27, in the town of Casamicciola Terme, the feast of St. Gabriel, the young patron saint of the spa town, is organized. In addition to the procession and the celebration of the saint at mass, the feast is enriched by numerous and characteristic stalls, arranged in rows along the main street, near the church dedicated to the saint. The festival is an unmissable opportunity to learn about the typical traditions of Ischia, often linked to the religious-spiritual sphere, but which certainly do not lack leisure and entertainment: local street food, shows and various entertainments give Ischia a lively atmosphere, also in February.

8. Try the amaro alla Piperna

During a stay in Ischia it is certainly a must to indulge in at least one taste of the amaro alla pipernia, a singular aromatic herb typical of the land of Ischia which, in addition to giving rise to the inimitable bitter, is used to flavor many traditional dishes, such as Ischian rabbit. Great digestive with disinfected properties, a small glass of pipernia is always a great choice to warm up in February.


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