What to do in Ischia in one day

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All there is to do in Ischia in one day

The island of Ischia is one of the most complete and fascinating destinations in Italy: all thanks to the characteristic villages steeped in history, the magnificent vegetation that has given it the nickname of "green island", the spas, the local traditions, the typical cuisine, wonderful beaches and much more. Visiting Ischia in one day may almost seem like a utopia, but with the right advice on what to do in Ischia in one day, you won't miss the major points of interest of the place.

5 things to do in Ischia in one day

1. Visit Ischia Ponte

Ischia Ponte is the ancient sailor village of Ischia and is absolutely one of the places not to be missed if you visit Ischia in one day: the village is characterized by colorful houses, one close to the other, alleys, churches and shops selling typical. Not to be missed: the cathedral of Santa Maria della Scala, the Sea Museum and a taste of the famous "paniello" with Boccia mortadella with a view of the Aragonese Castle.

Typical shop in Ischia Ponte

2. Visit the Aragonese Castle

If one wonders what to do in Ischia in one day, the Aragonese Castle is certainly the second stop after Ischia Ponte. The Castle is a medieval fortress rich in centuries of history and it is possible to visit it for € 12, going to explore the Church of the Immacolata, the Convent of S. Maria della Consolazione and the Cemetery of the Nuns, with beautiful terraces and a fantastic viewpoint over Ischia Ponte.

Aragonese Castle in Ischia Ponte

3. Go shopping downtown

To reach Ischia Ponte and the Castle, you pass through Via Roma (or Corso Vittoria Colonna), the main center of Ischia, which connects the port of Ischia to Ischia Ponte. Between one San Pietrino and another you can enjoy a good homemade ice cream and go shopping in various boutiques and typical shops, where you can buy traditional Ischia bitters that you can take as a souvenir in your return luggage.

Via Roma in Ischia

4. Visit Forio of Ischia

Forio d'Ischia is located on the west coast of the island and is the favorite destination for summer holidays, as it is precisely in Forio that the largest and most beautiful beaches of Ischia are found. Among the things to do in Ischia in one day there is undoubtedly a tour of the historic center of Forio: visit the Torrione museum and the Chiesa del Soccorso, one of the most fascinating churches in Ischia.

Church of Soccorso in Forio d'Ischia

5. Go for a walk in Sant'Angelo

Sant'Angelo is a fishing village on the south coast of Ischia, in the municipality of Serrara Fontana, which represents the most chic area of ​​Ischia, chosen by many VIPs as a quiet destination to spend their holidays. On the hill there are various houses and hotels overlooking the central square of the small port (where there are open-air bars and restaurants) and the Tower of Sant'Angelo, the islet symbol of the village. A few steps away is the famous Fumarole beach: these are thermal water springs under the sand that allow you to cook lunch or dinner, like eggs or chicken, at no cost... a unique experience to say the least.

Sant'Angelo in Ischia

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In one day in Ischia, the most beautiful and unique attractions of the green island cannot be missed. For other advice and to search for your hotel, contact us on 0815072482

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