What to do in Ischia in three days

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All there is to do in Ischia in three days

Ischia is the largest of the islands of the Campania archipelago, with a surface area of ​​46.3 km². Those who want to discover all the beauties of the green island should prefer stays of at least a week, but with the right advice it is possible to visit Ischia even in three days, without missing out on the main attractions, the places of greatest interest and the most beautiful experiences to do.


8 things to do in Ischia in three days


1. Visit to Ischia Ponte and the Aragonese Castle

If you come to Ischia for only three days, the first stop that you absolutely must not miss is definitely Ischia Ponte, the most famous and ancient village of Ischia, very pleasant to explore thanks to its characteristic alleys, full of typical shops, which lead to the square overlooking the symbol of the green island: the Aragonese Castle, a rocky island rich in history and with a disarming charm.

Aragonese Castle in Ischia

2. Take a thermal bath in Sorgeto

Taking a hot bath directly in the sea in Sorgeto (Panza, Forio d'Ischia) is one of the most interesting experiences that can be had in Ischia having only three days available: thanks to the volcanic activity of Ischia, thermal water gushes from the subsoil boiling water that joins the sea water, giving rise to real natural thermal baths at zero cost.

Thermal baths of Sorgeto in Ischia

3. Visit the Soccorso Church

The Chiesa del Soccorso, with a typically Mediterranean style, stands on the square of the same name overlooking the sea. Located in Forio d' Ischia, it is the most beautiful and evocative church of Ischia and one of the symbols that identifies it. After a walk in the historic center of Forio, it is absolutely worth visiting and enjoying fantastic sunsets that take your breath away.

Church of Soccorso in Forio d'Ischia

4. Taste the Ischia rabbit

Do you only have a weekend available for a holiday on Ischia? You can give up so many visits to perhaps be postponed to a future longer-term stay, but it is not possible to go home without having tasted the DOC dish of Ischia par excellence... the very famous and delicious Ischia rabbit. There are no words to describe it, you simply have to taste it.

Ischia rabbit

5. Relax at the Poseidon Gardens

The Poseidon Gardens are the most beautiful thermal park in Italy with around 20 thermal pools, a natural sauna, a Kneipp path, a wellness centre, restaurants, bars and a private beach in the beautiful bay of Citara, in Forio d' Ischia. If you want a little relaxation, the Poseidon Gardens are a small paradise on earth against the stress of everyday life.

Poseidon Gardens in Ischia

6. Go for a walk in Sant'Angelo

Sant'Angelo is a small and ancient sailor village south of Ischia, in the municipality of Serrara Fontana, also called "little Capri" thanks to the elegance and exclusivity that distinguish it from other villages and towns of Ischia. The village is made up of many colored houses on the hills, with a crazy view of the sea and the Tower of Sant'Angelo, the islet symbol of the village which is located between the Maronti beach and Punta Chiarito (beyond which the bay of Sorgeto is born).

Sant'Angelo in Ischia

Find out how to reach it
Map: discover the recommended route

7. Excursion on Mount Epomeo

For trekking lovers (but not only), Ischia in three days offers a sensational journey that leads to the summit of Monte Epomeo, the supreme mountain of the island, from whose top you can enjoy the wonderful spectacle of Ischia seen from above, but not only that: it is also possible to see Capri, the Pontine islands and the entire Campanian archipelago.

Excursion to Mount Epomeo in Ischia

8. Visit the Mushroom in Lacco Ameno

Among the things to do in Ischia in three days, a fleeting visit to the Mushroom, symbol of Lacco Ameno, a minor municipality of Ischia, cannot be missed. Walking through the main street, it can be seen in the sea a few meters from the coast, recognizable by its funny and particular shape... just like a mushroom. The Mushroom of Lacco Ameno is one of the major attractions of Ischia and its history is very interesting: its birth is probably due to an ancient eruption of Mount Epomeo which allowed the tuffaceous rock to roll down to the sea and, with the subsequent marine erosion, it has taken on its present distinctive shape.

Mushroom of Lacco Ameno in Ischia

Getting to know Ischia 100% in three days is certainly not possible, but our little guide provides the right tips for exploring the main beauties of this wonderful island which undoubtedly deserves more than one visit.

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