Castello Aragonese and Torre Guevara in Ischia in May

What to do in May in Ischia

Mercoledì 30 Novembre 2022 | di Luisa B.

All there is to do in Ischia in May

May, together with June and September, is the most beautiful month to come on holiday to Ischia. The fantastic temperatures, the calm beaches, the clear sea, the interesting events and discoveries to make, create a harmonious and serene atmosphere typical of Ischia in May.

8 things to do in Ischia in May

1. Feast of Santa Restituta

Every year, from 16 to 18 May, there is the celebration of Santa Restituta, patron saint of the island of Ischia (together with San Giovan Giuseppe della Croce). The celebrations take place in Lacco Ameno where, according to a legend, the Carthaginian saint landed dying in the bay of San Montano, victim of the tenth anti-Christian persecution. In the month of May, the course of Lacco Ameno is dressed up with stalls of all kinds, lit lights and various entertainment for young and old. The most exciting moments of the event are undoubtedly the theatrical representation of the landing place of the saint, the procession by sea and the colorful fireworks display, in which many Ischia residents and tourists take part.

Feast of Santa Restituta in May in Lacco Ameno

2. Visit the Guevara Tower

The Guevara Tower, born as an ancient Aragonese defense tower, is located in the wonderful bay of Cartaromana, in front of the majestic Castle. It is also known as Michelangelo's Tower, as a legend tells that the artist Michelangelo Buonarroti settled there for a period, starting a platonic love story with the noble poetess Vittoria Colonna who resided at the Aragonese Castle, to which he joined an underground tunnel. Today the tower hosts numerous art exhibitions, varied events and cultural events, always keeping its fascinating aura of mystery intact.

Guevara Tower and Aragonese Castle of Ischia

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3. Tour of the sunken city of Aenaria

It is an excellent idea to take advantage of the beautiful May days in Ischia for an exciting and original underwater cultural tour of the ancient submerged city of Aenaria (from the Latin "aenum", metal), dating back to Roman times: in those days Aenaria was a notable industrial center that worked lead, iron and various metals, and was probably buried by an earthquake or eruption. Today this fascinating submerged city, located between the Aragonese Castle and the characteristic rocks of Cartaromana, can be visited thanks to guided tours organized with glass-bottomed boats, from which it is also possible to admire the immense meadow of Posidonia oceanica, a Mediterranean aquatic plant similar to earthlings.

Aragonese Castle and rocks of Sant'Anna in Ischia

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4. Market Exhibition "Ipomea"

In Ischia, at the end of May, "Ipomea" arrives, an important event dedicated to the world of gardening: in fact it is a very famous market exhibition of rare and unusual plants of the warm temperate zone. The event takes place every year in the eleven hectares of the Negombo thermal park, in the beautiful bay of San Montano in Lacco Ameno, between thermal pools, the beach and the vegetation of the green island. The exhibition brings together various nurserymen, artisans and collectors from all over Italy, but is not limited to the scents of extremely rare and wonderful plants... it also involves the taste buds, giving participants the opportunity to explore crazy gastronomic novelties. "Ipomea" in Ischia is absolutely an event not to be missed.

5. Take a dip in San Montano

Among the rare plants and colors of the "Ipomea" event in Ischia, why not take the opportunity to take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the bay of San Montano? San Montano beach is one of the most beautiful and characteristic beaches of the entire island, made of fine white sand, both free and private, romantic for couples, relaxing for singles, safe for families thanks to the shallow water "childproof". Continuing towards the mountain with which the free beach borders, there is a source of thermal water that gushes out at 40° and then disappears into the sea, where it is possible to make mud for free. In short, it is a real oasis.

San Montano beach in Ischia

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6. Enjoy the Ischia sunsets

Among the various opportunities that Ischia offers in May, you must also take a "sunset break", to enjoy a natural spectacle like in very few places in the world.

May sunset in Ischia

7. Lunch on the sea at the Capanna

"La Capanna" is a characteristic "sea" themed restaurant located right on the beach of Cava dell'Isola, the very famous beach of Forio di Ischia with a "wild" appearance, particularly popular with young people. The restaurant offers excellent Mediterranean cuisine with 0 km products, super abundant and at really low and accessible prices, where you can try the typical recipes of Ischia, the traditional Neapolitan pizza, first courses from land, sea (very fresh fish), sandwiches and delicious homemade desserts. All this, in front of a breathtaking panorama.

La Capanna restaurant in Ischia

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8. Trekking from Serrara to Fango

May is the month suitable for itineraries among the paths of the woods of Ischia. Why not try your hand at the trekking experience and explore the unaltered, intact nature that distinguishes Ischia from other destinations? One of the most interesting routes is certainly the one that crosses the municipality of Forio from above, starting from Serrara Fontana. It starts from Via Falanga in Serrara, passes through the dense forest of the Frassitelli and then you reach the Falanga, a beautiful chestnut wood, whose particularity is due to the numerous green tuff caves called "stone houses", rich in the history of the ancestors of the islanders. Continuing along the path, you reach the fumaroles of the Pizzone area which bear witness to the volcanic origin of Ischia and, continuing through the thick vegetation and breathing the pure air typical of the Ischia mountains, you arrive at Lacco Ameno, in the Fango area, a place where once the mud destined for the thermal industry was collected.

trekking in ischia in the month of may

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Difficulty: medium-low
Path duration:
about 3 hours
comfortable and "layered" with hiking shoes
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It is clear that Ischia has countless attractions, special events in May, fabulous beaches to relax on and wonderful places to explore. Do you want to know more? Call us on 081 507 24 82 to get unique suggestions and find the hotel offer in Ischia that suits your needs.