What to do in september in Ischia

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Ischia in September: the most beautiful month

Those who choose Ischia as a destination in September probably do not know that it is the best month to spend their holidays: the temperatures remain summer but slightly cooler and more pleasant, the beaches are less crowded and the whole island becomes a treasure chest full of experiences of all kinds and unique in their kind: festivals, hidden and unknown bays, in which to take the most beautiful baths in crystal clear waters ... and more. There are many experiences that distinguish Ischia from any other place in the world, and it is precisely for this reason that we will list the 8 things to do absolutely if you choose to visit and explore Ischia in September.


8 things to do in Ischia in September

1. Relax in a Thermal Park

There is no better way to start an Ischian holiday than by spending a whole day of pure relaxation in one of the beautiful thermal parks on the island!
Immersing yourself in pools of thermal water of different temperatures, bathing or taking a sauna in a natural cave, are fantastic experiences to live in a relaxing atmosphere, typical of the month of September.
The choices are many: among the most famous are the Poseidon Gardens in Forio, the Negombo in Lacco Ameno, the Castiglione or O 'Vagnitiello in Casamicciola, and many others.

Negombo Ischia


2. Celebrate Santa Maria al Monte

On 12 September each year, the Monte di Santa Maria in Forio d'Ischia comes alive with crowds of Forians, tourists and inhabitants of the entire island, who go to the mountains to celebrate the day of the Virgin Mary.
The event is not limited only to the religious function: after the celebration of the Holy Mass, the Procession and the Blessing of the Virgin, the celebrations open where you have fun with friends and relatives, savoring island specialties such as the Ischian rabbit, but also the ragù (prepared directly on the spot in large pots), grilled meat and sausages, accompanied by a good glass of local wine, totally immersed in nature and with a fantastic overview of the entire territory of Forio. The tuff church and the wood where the party comes to life can be reached from Serrara Fontana or from Via Bocca (Forio) which, up to a certain point, can be covered by car, after which you have to proceed on foot.

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Santa Maria in Forio


3. Swim in the waters of Varulo

The Bay of Varulo is one of the most enchanting places in Ischia. The bay is characterized by a spectacular sea, always clean and transparent, by a beautiful cave and by the characteristic "beach of the nuns", a small beach that almost seems to belong to the past: no restaurant, bar or bathing establishment ... it's all natural and wild, frozen in time. The bay is located in Lacco Ameno, can only be reached by sea and is also recommended for those who love to enjoy activities such as SUP or canoeing.

Varulo Bay Ischia


4. Reach the Fairy Tree

The September air of Ischia favors outdoor walks in unspoiled nature, to explore all the riches that the island offers and which are not limited to the territory that affects the coastal area: the Fairy Tree is one of the hidden pearls of Ischia, is located in the center of the crater of Fondo d'Oglio, on Mount Rotaro. Among oaks, chestnuts and many varieties of trees and plants, there is a specimen of hornbeam about 190 years old, with a powerful and solemn appearance, with large roots that protrude from the ground. The Rotaro hill can be reached from Via Cretaio or Via Spalatriello, in Casamicciola Terme, perhaps with a good packed lunch to be consumed on the spot, obviously respecting the surrounding environment. If you come to Ischia in September, it is interesting to pay a visit to the majestic centuries-old tree, walking in the crater and reaching some panoramic points of the forest, where you can admire the nearby islands of Procida and Vivara, the Aragonese Castle and the entire Gulf of Naples.

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Fairy Tree Ischia


5. Watch the sunset on the beach

The sunsets of Ischia are always extraordinary, but those of September, by the sea, are of a superior category. The favorite beaches of the most romantic, both tourists and islanders, are undoubtedly the beach of Citara or that of Cava dell'Ischia, both located in Forio d'Ischia, where the pure and light atmosphere of this month makes the moment still more special.

Sunset on the beach Ischia


6. Have lunch on Mount Epomeo

Mount Epomeo, with its 789 meters high, is the highest mountain in Ischia, from whose top it is possible to enjoy a stunning panorama, overlooking the entire perimeter of the island, the Gulf of Naples and, in the distance, it is also possible to see the Pontine islands. The top can be reached from various points on the island, but the best known and "less demanding" starts from the Piazza di Fontana, in the municipality of Serrara Fontana, 400 meters and 3 km from the top of the mountain. After starting from the square, you reach the military area from which the real naturalistic path begins, immersed in the green tuff. Narrowing gradually, the path leads to a very particular rock church dug into the tuff, the Eremo di S. Nicola, and continuing a few more meters to finally reach the top of Mount Epomeo. Right near the summit, there is a restaurant with a wide range of typical dishes and good Ischian wine, where you can stop for a lunch with a dream view, one step away from the clouds.

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Mount Epomeo Ischia


7. "Going to the Cellars"

"Going to the Cellars" is the September event, the one that best embodies the essence and particularity that distinguishes the green island. It is a food and wine tour, in which you pass "from cellar to cellar" to taste local house wine (one of the greatest attractions of Ischia), accompanied by cold cuts, cheeses and other typical snacks of the green island. This year the tour is scheduled from 20 September to 2 October and is available in different time slots; the organized routes and the host cellars are varied, in fact it is possible to choose the one you prefer and catapult yourself into this experience that involves all the senses and which also opens up the possibility of getting to know the most rural points and the ancient and authentic peasant traditions of Ischia.

Cantina U'Scilatur Ischia


8. Celebrate San Michele Arcangelo

Every year, the month of September, ends with the famous Feast of San Michele Arcangelo, patron saint of S. Angelo d 'Ischia. The 29th and 30th of the month are important days for the inhabitants of the village, but also for the rest of the people of Ischia who, as per tradition, gather to celebrate the saint.
The religious celebrations begin in the morning with the musical band performing through the streets of the village, followed by the veneration of the saint at mass and the procession to the square. The most distinctive and exciting moment of the celebrations is the procession by sea, followed by a myriad of boats, with the phantom pyromusical show that everyone joyfully witnesses, under the light of colorful fireworks that dominate the party to the rhythm of music.

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Fireworks Ischia


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