Fried fish festival in Santa Maria di Leuca

Fried fish festival in Santa Maria di Leuca

Giovedì 14 Novembre 2019 | di Ilaria M.

Event promoted by the National Association of Italian Sailors Group of Castrignano del Capo / Leuca.
Now in its fifteenth edition, the festival takes place in Punta Ristola where large spaces are offered to taste the Leucanese dishes in comfort and to dance to the drumming rhythm of the pizzica, for an unforgettable evening.

The dishes
Leuca, a seaside town, aims to let tourists and visitors taste some typical dishes of local cuisine and of course, on this window open to the sea, all or almost fish-based. And then you can taste: pasta alla pescatora, pittole with fish, fried various fish, in addition to the inevitable traditional sweets, all strictly accompanied by excellent Salento wine. To liven up the evening the rhythm of the pizzica of the INDIAN SALENTINO in Santa Maria di Leuca.

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