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Taormina Bus lines and timetables

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Taormina bus lines

Currently the urban bus transport managed by Asm (Municipal Services Company) has various means used in the following lines:

Green Line:
(Hospital S.Vincenzo - Villagonia railway station - Madonna della Rocca)
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Taormina center-Trappitello red circular line:
(“Lumbi” parking – Zappulla district – S.Antonio square)
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Beachbus line:
(Taormina - Mazzeo)
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Shuttle to Station:
(FFSS Taormina - Giardini for Catania Airport)
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The buses are also used in the shuttle service that connects the "Lumbi" car park with Piazza S. Pancrazio.

For more information contact ASN (Comunal Services Company). Via Mario and Nicolò Garipoli 98039 Taormina - Messina. Telephone: +39 0942 683800