Le Mandrelle Beach Resort

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The Le Mandrelle Beach Resort

is located in Amantea, one of the most wonderful places on the Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast. It extends on a 40.000 square meters area overlooking a beautiful beach with sand and pebbles. A highly-qualified team of entertainers will organize activities and sports for people of all ages; there are also a mini and a junior club for the children. In the evening, the guests can have fun in the discotheque on the beach.

The beach is private

with sand and pebbles, and is located right next to the village, to which it is connected by a walkway. It is equipped with beach chairs, umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, paddle boats, canoes and a beach volley court. Each room has a reserved umbrella and two sunbeds. There is also a 60-meter pagoda covered by a roof made of african cannas where tournaments, group dances and discotheque are organized. The village also offers an infinity pool. Walking on a little wooden bridge it is possible to reach the central oasis with an amazing pool with massaging water jets for 8 people. Moreover, there is a sauna and a beauty centre (massages and treatments). For the fitness lovers, there are an equipped gym and numerous sports activities: canoes, paddle boats, beach volley, bocce, a five-a-side football field, a tennis court, aerobics courses, water aerobics, pilates, group dances, muscular awakening and tournaments.

Amantea, in the province of Cosenza, is a locality full of history, culture and wonderful places to visit. It is a beach, farming and fishing center, also famous for its musical tradition exported all around the world. Its territory is covered in water streams: the Verre river, the Catocastro river, the Santa Maria torrent, the Calcato torrent, the Colongi torrent, the Oliva river, the Rubano torrent and the Torbido torrent, which marks the boundaries between the provinces of Cosenza and Catanzaro. Amantea is also famous for its culinary tradition: its typical dessert, the "buccunotto", is a boat-shaped cake filled with chocolate, spices and many secret ingredients of the confectioners. The gastronomy is characterized by simple dishes and its main recipes involve fish, like pasta with anchovies and sardines or the marine rose in "pitticelle".

Places to know and visit
The Castle of Amantea is an old fort located on the top of the hill that overlooks the historical center of the city. It is one of the main attractions of Amantea, despite the fact that it is partially destroyed and its few remainings are subject to a slow and difficult restoration process. It was probably built during the ninth century when the city was the episcopal headquarters, right before the emir Abu I-Qasim Ali conquered it and kept it during his reign over Sicily, before the Normans arrived. The castle also appears in the town emblem.

The Lungomare of Amantea, a sandy seafront with shallow and crystal-clear water suitable for children. The seafront is almost 10 km long and is located between Lamezia Terme and the beach of Paola. Taking long and relaxing walks on it will be an unforgettable experience.

The Palazzo delle Clarisse is a residential seventeenth-century building a few steps away from the maritime area of the city. It owes its name to the religious order of the Clarisse, who inhabited the place for a long time. Its big structure stretches towards the sea and is connected to a little church. In the 1806 the palace was occupied by the Napoleonic army, the convent was closed and the building was left to the Marchese De Luca di Lizzano, who turned it into a noble house. Fausto Perri, art and history professor, bought it in the '70s and restored it. It currently hosts the Museo della Copia d'Autore.

The Church of Sant'Elia of Amantea, next to the former Jesuit convent, is located in the heart of one of the most beautiful areas of the Calabrian city, in the ancient district of Catocastro. Inside, there is a single nave with a dome on a cross vault, a recurrent architectural detail in every church commisioned by the Jesuits, especially after the Catholic Reformation. In fact, this building was completed in 1619: its facade has a tympanum over the gate. 

The Church of San Giuseppe di Amantea is a small rural building not very far from the historical center and located on the hillside of Camoli. It is quite modern: it was built during the first half of the 1700 (wanted by Fortuna Carratelli) and has a simple and linear structure. Right beside it, there is a low bell tower plastered with roses. The area surrounding the church comes to life every year on 19th March, the day of San Giuseppe.

Amantea is not only connected to the medieval and aragonese age: recent archeological excavations brought to light many evidences of way more ancient human settlements, dated back to the Hellenic age, which prove that the Calabrian coast was influenced by the Greeks too. One of the most important findings is a necropolis full of vases and amphoras. The greatest archeological sites are the fraction of Campora San Giovanni, the slopes of Cozzo Piano Grande, the territory of Serra D'Aiello and the area of Cleto and Savuto.

Amantea was surrounded by walls during the Middle Age to avoid the Saracenic pirates attacks from the sea. The walls followed the entire coast, even the cliffs, with sighting towers here and there; they were expanded and readjusted multiple times, but right now the original track is still visible. The bulding of the wall began during the aragonese age (during the second half of 1400) and lasted until 1600.

The Church of San Bernardino da Siena is one of the most important catholic places of worship in Amantea. It was built during the first half of the fifteenth century, with a majestic gothic-style structure subject to many changes in time, but it returned to its original structure after the 1953 restorations. The church has a majestic facade with five round arches and is adjacent to a big bell tower. Inside, there are two naves: the aisle has six arches, one of which is walled up.

The Marine Regional Park "Scogli d'Isca" is a marine area that lies south of the coastal mountains, between Amantea and Belmonte Calabro. There are wonderful rocky bottoms extremely appreciated by scuba divers: they reach 25-meter depths. The area is marked by two rocks 800 meters far from the coast: Isca Piccola and Isca Grande. The grouper and the moray eel are the most characteristic members of the local fauna.

The historical center of Amantea is full of natural beauties hidden in the alleys; for example, there is a suggestive natural cave right under the historical center: in the past, this was the landing place for sailing ships and merchant ships. In this cave, a secret passage that led straight inside the city walls was built.

Services for our guests
Check-in from 16:00 - Check-out within 10:00.
Sunday/sunday stays.

Free services included in our offers
Freshwater swimming pool (25m x 8m, depth 120/150cm).
Pool with waterslides, 80 square meters (depth 120cm).
Freshwater pool for children.
Playground with swings, slides and many other activities for children.
Dance lessons: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, group dances and Liscio.
Moms' kitchen available 24/7.
Sailing and swimming group lessons. From 04/06 to 08/09 tennis and archery group lessons.
8v8 soccer field and five-a-side football field with artificial grass and lighting.
Tennis courts with lighting and a multi-purpose basketball/volleyball court.
Bocce courts, beach volley and beach tennis, archery and ping-pong.

Surcharge services
Medical assistance outside the preset hours and out of the medical office.
Wheelchair rental for disabled guests.
Bike rental for children younger than 6 years and car rental.
Transfer service from/to the airport/harbour.
Service and treatments in the Bluwellness.
Internet point.

Being dragged by a motorboat (surcharge).
Boat and inflatable-raft excursions (surcharge).
Sailing and windsurfing crash courses and individual lessons (surcharge).
Scuba diving lessons for children, tank recharge and equipment rental (surcharge).
Diving Center affiliated with Le Castella, qualified to give diving licenses (surcharge).

The chefs cook delicious typical dishes of the Mediterranean tradition at breakfast, lunch and dinner in the two wide dining rooms, one of them directly on the beach and the other one with air conditioning. There is a table for the children at the miniclub where they can eat with the entertainers, and also an area with bottle warmers for the babies. There is a buffet service at breakfast, and both a buffet and a waiter service at lunch and dinner with a standard menu consisting of three first dishes, two second dishes, side dishes on the buffet table, fruit at lunch and dessert at dinner. Beverages on tap are included: water, wine, coca-cola and orange soda. Once/twice a week (from 16/06 to 11/09) there is a themed event. However, the access to the restaurant is controlled through scheduled turns, in order to guarantee the most efficient service.  

The offer does not include
Tourist tax.
Medical and luggage insurance.
Everything that is not explicitly listed, individual sports lessons, Bluwellness services, some of the Bluserena SeaSport Club services, scuba diving, excursions, transfer service, car rental, medical assistance outside the preset hours and out of the medical office.

Possible reductions and additional costs might be subject to variation and they will appear on the "Book" page.

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