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Beautiful beach locality in the province of Messina

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Furnari is a small municipality in the province of Messina, Sicily, located on a hill and extended for 1.300 hectares full of water springs (containing iron and sulfur). Its territory is divided in Furnari Centro and Furnari Marina. It is a beach locality populated especially during the summer.

There are numerous religious structures that are worth visiting: the church of Santa Croce, the church of Gesù and Maria, the church of Sant'Antonio da Padova and the church of Madonna del Carmine. In Piazza Orti, in the historical centre, there is the Fontana Vecchia that was the only fountain of this area in the ancient times. The most important traditional events are: the festival of Sant'Antonio da Padova on the 13th june; the festival of Santa Maria di Trapani, on the second sunday of august in the fraction of Tonnarella; the festival of the Madonna Addolorata, on the 8th september.