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The Torreserena Village is a modern four-star village located in Marina di Ginosa (Taranto), directly on a wonderful beach on the Ionian coast that was awarded with a "bandiera blu" for 20 years thanks to its crystal-clear water and sandy beaches. The suggestive pinewood of Arco Ionico lies between the village and its beach. The complex consists of 400 rooms divided on two floors and equipped with all the comforts, 700 meters far from the sea. The private beach has reserved umbrellas, sunbeds and beach chairs, dressing rooms and showers, bar and info point and is connected to the village by a free shuttle service (it does not have platforms for wheelchairs); it also has sail boats and windsurfs (except during the hours of the lessons), canoes, paddle boats, a beach volley field and paddle surf. The Torreserena Village offers a great variety of activities to satisfy the needs for fun and relax of children and adults. In fact, there is a freshwater swimming pool, 650 square meters, with waterslides and massaging water jets, a freshwater pool inside the mini club reserved to the children of the Serenino (it is also available for children 0-6 years who are not members of the Serenino, accompanied by their parents) and a fenced playground at the centre of the Village with swings, slides and much more. For the fitness lovers there is a modern gym and fitness area equipped with a climbing wall, isotonic machines, barbells, treadmill, spinning bike, group courses, muscular awakening in the morning "Stretch and Tone", Total Body, water aerobics, running, nordic walking and pilates. There are also sports facilities: a five-a-side football field with artificial grass and lighting, four multi-purpose five-a-side football/tennis courts with artificial grass and lighting, a multi-purpose basketball/volleyball court, beach volley, beach soccer, bocce court with artificial grass and lighting, archery, ping-pong table, climbing wall.

The Torreserena Village offers a high-quality rich and varied food service. There is the buffet service (breakfast included) with at least 25 courses: hot and cold appetizers, first and second dishes, numerous side dishes, grilled meat and fish, dessert, fresh fruit, wine in carafes and filtered water; a selection of bottled local wines and other beverages are available with an extra cost that must be paid with the smart card. The guests can also benefit of a packed lunch cooked for them on request instead of a meal. For the guests that care about their diet even while on holiday, the restaurant offers healthy and light foods. The chefs will periodically serve typical apulian specialties and gastronomic surprises. The four air-conditioned dining rooms are connected to each other by a wide room with a buffet table. The tables have place mats and are assigned at the moment of the arrival at the Village; they have 8/9 seats and are often shared with other guests (for those who choose the Comfort room, the table is reserved). Torreserena is particularly careful for the guests with food intolerances (gluten, lactose, eggs). There is the possibility for the parents to cook for their babies in a specific kitchen, practical, functional and available 24/7; the basic ingredients are available during the hours of the main meals. 

Marina di Ginosa is a coastal village 40 km far from Taranto and 25 km far from Ginosa. For the quality of its sea and sandy beaches, the FEE awarded Marina di Ginosa with a "Bandiera blu" many times during the last decades: 1995, 1997, 1998, from 1999 to 2001 and from 2004 to 2017. It also received "3 Vele Blu" from Legambiente for the 2009 summer season. The most characteristic feature of its beaches is the mediterranean scrub that frames the entire coastline. These pinewoods are included in the natural reserve "Pineta dell'Arco Ionico".

Places to know and visit
Salinella lake, 3 km far from the center, reachable walking on Viale Ionio towards the Bradano river, crossing the old toll booth on the left. In 1994 it was included on the list of the protected areas and recommended by the Società Botanica Italiana as "place that deserves preservation". It lies where, in the past, there was the Bradano river, thar altered its course after various earthquakes. Surrounded by a wonderful pinewood (pines of Aleppo and Domestico), th 90 hectare lake is the last swamp of the Ionian amphitheater. Its marine fauna is extremely rich and the area is also a shelter for numerous swamp birds such as the herring gull, the linnet, the calandra lark, the moorhen, the reed bunting, the heron.

The Pineta Regina, 400 hectares. The vegetation of this coastal pinewood is characterized by the rich presence of a typical mediterranean conifer, the pine of Aleppo (pinus halepensis), some white poplars and an odoriferous scrub consisting of lentisco, rosemary, alterno, firillea and stingy asparagus. There are also rockrose and juniper bushes. The "colombaccio" builds its nest here and many species of migratory birds can be observed.

Torre Mattoni, brick tower. Situated on the Ionian coast, near the Salinella lake, it owes its name to the cotto tiles used to build it and is among the coastal defensive towers wanted by the Vicerè of the Regno di Napoli in the sixteenth century in order to protect the land from the turkish invaders coming from the sea.

Services for our guests
Check-in from 16:00 - Check-out within 10:00.
Late Check-out until 14:15 for room and beach (additional cost).
Smart Card, rechargeable prepaid card that can be used to pay in bars and restaurants.
The village architectural-barrier free so that disabled people can move freely.
Rooms for disabled guests, reserved car spot, in the amphitheater and on the beach.

Free services included in our offers
Freshwater swimming pool (25m x 8m, depth 120/150 cm).
Big freshwater pool, 650 square meters, with waterslides and massaging water jets.
Freshwater pool inside the Mini Club reserved to the children of the Serenino.
Fenced playground at the center of the Village with slides, swings and other fun activities.
Kitchen area for the parents with ingredients available during the hours of the meals.
Shows every evening in the amphitheater from musical to cabaret, from comedy to variety shows.
Card games with tournaments of Scala Quaranta, Poker Texas Hold'em, Burraco, Briscola and Scopone.
Medical office open in preset hours, in the morning and in the afternoon. Free appointments.
Wi-Fi connection in some of the common areas and in the Premium and Comfort rooms.
Doctor available 24/7 in the village (pediatrician from 17/06 to 8/09).
Dancing lessons: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, group dances and Liscio.
Fitness area: climbing wall, isotonic machines, barbells, treadmill, spinning bike, group courses and assistance.
Muscular awakening in the morning, "Stretch and Tone", Total Body.
A 8v8 football field, four multi-purpose five-a-side football/tennis courts.
A multi-puropose basketball/volleyball court, beach volley, beach soccer.
Bocce courts with artificial grass and lighting.
Archery, ping-pong, climbing wall.
Adventure park for the children with suspended paths.
Fitness path in the pinewood.
Water aerobics, running, nordic walking and pilates.
Internal non-supervised shaded car park.

Club card
Mandatory card for guests older than 3 years, it entitles the owner to use the sports facilities, the beach services, to participate in tournaments and group lessons, to use the Serenino, SereninoPiù Club, Serenup and Serenhappy services. At the GranSerena, more than 40 entertainers are ready to amuse the guests of any age, adults and children, with parties, shows, sports courses and tournaments, live music and dancing, excursions. Shows in the amphitheater every evening: musical, cabaret, variety shows, games. The Bluserena villages are the first in Italy with the quality mark "VACANZA AMICA DEI BAMBINI", child-friendly holiday, recognized by the National Federation of Pediatricians Cipe-Sispe-Sinspe. All services, comforts and structures are designed to be used by children, teenagers and adults, fun and safe and always controlled. In the Serenino Club, SereninoPiù Club, Serenup and Serenhappy, the children will be entrusted to highly-qualified professional entertainers who will present a varied program of activities. All the listed services are available from 04/06 to 08/09, except for the Serenino and the SereninoPiù Club that are available for the entire summer season. The teenagers can also participate in the Serenup and Serenhappy activities such as theater, sports, games and much more. All the family will have fun with the Bluserena Circus, learning the basis of circus performances.

Surcharge services
Facial and body treatments, massages and customized wellness itineraries.
Medical appointments out of the preset hours and outside the medical office.
Transfer service from the airport/railway station to the village.
Car rental.

Sailing and windsurfing crash courses and individual lessons (surcharge).
Fun activities such as being dragged by a motorboat (surcharge).
Boat and inflatable-raft trips (surcharge).
Golf court "Riva dei Tessali" (surcharge).
Stables (surcharge).

Soft All Inclusive
The main restaurant offers a buffet service at breakfast, lunch and dinner, wine in carafes and filtered water, a reserved table for the entire week. The tables have 8/9 seats and are often shared with other guests. Lunch is reserved for the children of the Mini Club and the teenagers of the Teeny and Junior Club from 04/06 to 08/09 with pizza and snacks served on the beach from 11:00 to 12:30. It is possible to have lunch or dinner at the restaurant "Il Gusto" from monday to saturday, from 11/06 to 15/09 with reserved tables for the families (reservations can be made the day before in the village and are subject to availability). The bars offer filtered water. The beach offers a reserved umbrella, a sunbed and a beach chair for each family. The kitchen offers a space for the parents who want to cook for their babies, open 24/7 and the ingredient are avaiable during the hours of the main meals. The Smart Card must be used to pay for the drinks that are not included.

All Inclusive
It includes drinks until 14:00 on the day of the departure. The main bars offer espresso and cappuccino, decaffeinated and barley coffee, cappuccino with soy milk, white milk, macchiato, ginseng, american coffee, coffee with a splash of liquor, coffee cream, tea and infusions; beverages on tap in 20 cl glasses: iced lemon or peach tea, lemonade, tonic water, cedrata, chinotto, orange soda and coca-cola (or pepsi); fruit juices (pineapple, ace, peach, apricot, red orange, pear), black cherry syrups, almond milk, mint and barley coffee), mineral water, draft beer in 20 cl glasses, white wine, red wine, prosecco, liqueur, tonic liquor, vermouth, cocktails and grappa. All the cocktails, champagne and the alcoholic drinks (grappa, liqueurs and prosecco) marked as "special" on the menu are not included. The bars of the main restaurant offer espresso and cappuccino, decaffeinated and barley coffee, cappuccino with soy milk, white milk and macchiato; at lunch and dinner a beverage on tap in a 40 cl glass for each person older than 3 years choosing among beer, orange soda and coca-cola (or pepsi). It also includes the possibility to rent one beach towel for each person older than 12 years that can be changed after the first week (further washes are not free). To have access to the services, it is mandatory to use the Smart Card and to wear the specific bracelet. The All Inclusive formula cannot be used to offer drinks to third parties. The formula can be revoked by the client himself at any moment, and by Bluserena if the rules are not followed by the client. In both cases, the guest will benefit of the Soft All Inclusive offer.

Additional costs
Club card € 36,00 per person for the first week, starting on the eighth night of the stay € 5,00 per person per day.
Dog Room (Classic room with courtyard equipped with a dog basket and a bowl), small-sized dogs € 14,00 per day.
Late check-out: the room and the umbrella on the beach are available until 14:15 on the day of the departure, € 49,00. For those who choose the late check-out, the extra meal costs € 22,00; it's free for babies 0-3 years; € 14,00 for children 3-12 years; packed lunch € 7,00 per person.
Serenella kit for children: a big Serenella Peluche (50 cm), a Serenella single-bed cover 100% cotton with piquè knitting 260x170 cm, a Serenella Bio Bath kit (shampoo, shower gel, body lotion in 100 ml bottles) and a Serenella Sticker. Each kit must be reserved during the booking and costs € 49,00.
Umbrella in the first row € 16,00 per day until 28/07 and from 26/08; € 19,00 per day from 29/07 to 25/08.
Umbrella in the second row € 11,00 per day.
Umbrella in the third row € 6,00 per day.
Comfort beach: 2 bigger umbrellas (one in the first row and the other one in the second row), 2 sunbeds, 2 beach chairs, security box: € 25,00 per day.
Beach towel rental € 4,50 per week, additional cost required for extra washing.
Stroller rental € 7,00 per day, € 29,00 for one week, € 49,00 for two weeks.

Free third, fourth and fifth bed for babies 0-3 years, cradle, moms' kitchen and baby-bottle area included.
-80% third bed for children 3-8 years from 27/05 to 24/06; -70% from 24/06 to 9/09.
-60% third bed for children 8-12 years from 27/05 to 24/06 and from 9/09 to 23/09, -50% from 24/06 to 9/09.
-20% third bed for adults.
-80% fourth and fifth bed for children 3-8 years from 27/05 to 24/06 and from 9/09 to 23/09; -60% from 24/06 to 9/09.
-50% fourth and fifth bed for children 8-12 years from 27/05 to 24/06; -40% from 24/06 to 9/09.
-20% fourth and fifth bed for adults.
SPECIAL ADULT + CHILD: reductions for the child in the second bed: -70% babies 0-3 years from 27/05 to 24/06 and from 9/09 to 23/09, -60% for children 3-12 years. -40% babies 0-3 years from 24/06 to 9/09, -30% for children 3-12 years.

Possible riductions and additional costs might be subject to variation and they will appear on the "Book" page.

The price not includesThe price not includes

The offer does not include
Tourist tax.
Medical and luggage insurance.
Everything that is not explicitly listed, individual sports lessons, services at the Thermal Center and the Bluwellness, excursions, transfer service, bike rental (the use of the bike is not allowed in the village), car rental, horseback riding lessons, medical assistance out of the preset hours and outside the medical office.

Cancellation policiesCancellation policies

Per soggiorni fino al 05/08 e dal 27/08:
Cancellazione gratuita fino a 14 giorni prima dell'arrivo
Da 13 a 10 giorni penale del 50%
Da 9 a 4 giorni penale del 75%
Da 3 a 0 giorni (no show o partenza anticipata) penale del 100%

Per soggiorni dal 06/08 al 26/08:
Cancellazione gratuita fino a 28 giorni prima dell'arrivo
Da 27 a 21 giorni penale del 10%
Da 20 a 14 giorni penale del 30%
Da 13 a 10 giorni penale del 50%
Da 9 a 4 giorni penale del 75%
Da 3 a 0 giorni (no show o partenza anticipata) penale del 100%

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