A sun-kissed valley in the Stelvio National Park

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Bormio is a valley shaped by the erosive effect of rivers and glaciers located in the Alta Valtellina. It is part of the Stelvio National Park. Bormio is a renowned tourist locality both for summer and winter holidays thanks to its mountains, ski slopes and thermal centres fed by nine springs that have been drawing thousands of tourists since the roman age.

The landscape that surrounds Bormio and the Stelvio National Park is characterized by flourishing woods, majestic mountains and grazing lands with numerous torrents that flow into the Adda and Oglio rivers. These sceneries can be explored by foot or by bike. 

The local gastronomy is distinguished by strong and at the same time delicate flavours and the main ingredients are butter, cheese, buckwheat, potatoes, bresaola, deer and roe deer meat. Bormio is also known for the spirits (Amaro Braulio and Taneda di Bormio) produced with alpine plants and the wines of the Bassa Valtellina.


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