Bari Sardo

Crystal-clear sea, low hills and wide plateaus

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Bari Sardo is a municipality in the province of Ogliastra. Its territory, characterized by the typical colors and scents of the mediterranean scrub, is still uncontaminated and overlooks the coast that alternates long sandy beaches and suggestive cliffs. Its 10 km long coastline is surely the most important tourist attraction, with its crystal-clear and clean waters.  

Along the slopes of the plateau there is a flourishing mediterranean scrub, habitat of many wild species, that during the spring offers a wide range of scents and colors, mostly the yellow of the brooms.

The origin of the hamlet is dated back to the high middle age when people seeked refuge in the hinterland (4 km far from the coast) from the saracenic and vandal invasions. Bari Sardo extends from the hills to the sea and has many historical monuments: the Ibba manna nuraghe, Ibbixxedda, Niedda Puliga, Moru, Mindeddu and Sellersu, the giants' graves Canali, Uli and Pitzu Teccuand and an aragonese tower. There are also the parish church dedicated to Nostra Signora di Monserrato and the rural churches of San Leonardo, Santa Cecilia and San Giovanni in the locality of Sa Marina. Bari Sardo offers numerous high-quality traditional gastronomic products: culurgionis, su pistoccu, sa coccoi, su casu ageru and s'arrubiolu. Other typical manufacturing products are linen sheets and pillows, hand-woven with the "pibionis" technique.