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€ 49

The Club Marina Sporting is located in Marina di Orosei, in the municipality of Orosei, province of Nuoro. It is 250 meters far from one of the most beautiful beaches of the eastern coast of Sardinia, ...

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€ 64

Located directly on the sea, in Marina Cardedu, Sardinia, this Hotel is the ideal place for families thanks to the formula free for children. An efficient entertaining service will amuse the guests.

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€ 47

In Marina di Sorso, between Castelsardo and Stintino, with an amazing view on the Gulf of Asinara, the Futura Style La Plage is the ideal destination for a fun and relaxing holiday by the sea.

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Ogliastra: cosa vedere

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Ogliastra, with its beautiful coasts and mountainous hinterland, is a heavenly tourist locality on the eastern coast of Sardinia. It owes its name to the "Olivastri", olive trees, that cover its territory, but others attribute the origin of its name to the enormous monolith "Agugliastra" (or Pedra Longa) overlooking the Baunei coast. The coasts of Ogliastra are wonderful oasis set between sea and rocks that create one of the most beautiful marine areas of the entire Mediterranean sea.

In the northern area there are suggestive inlets that are only reachable by boat or by foot: Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu and Cala Goloritzé; going south there are the beaches of Tancau, Girasole, Orrì, Cea, Marina di Barisardo e Cardedu, Coccorrocci e the Gulf of Sarrala. Its nature is still uncontaminated and offers many different landscapes, from the hills to the mountains of the Gennargentu. It is also an important area from an archeological/historical point of view beacuse of its many nuraghe, Domus de Janas, sacred springs, giants' tombs and menhirs.

It is possible to follow trekking itineraries by foot, by bike, by car and SUVs and going horseback riding but also by boat, for those who prefer to travel on the sea. Only the combination of scents, images and magic environments can describe the magic and harmony of this suggestive land.