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This structure is 6 minutes away from the beach, located in a panoramic position inside the Bellavista Park. The Arbatax Park Resort-Hotel Telis has mediterranean-style rooms with sea view and many ...

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It is the most famous town of Ogliastra thanks to its commercial and tourist harbour but also to its exotic name coming from an arabic word that means "fourteenth tower", because of the saracenic tower that overlooks the sea. Arbatax was born as a fishermen village: many of them came from the nearby island of Ponza that owes its fortune to fishing because of the great variety of fishes and shellfishes. The town rises on the Bellavista promontory and is surrounded by natural inlets and caves that make it an enchanting and unique place.

Arbatax is full of places to visit: the Red Rocks, famous for the particular colour of the porphyry; the beautiful Cala Moresca, on the eastern side of the town; going towards the Telis, there is the bay of Portofrailis and San Gemiliano, residential areas with a rich architecture, bright colours and suggestive landscapes. Right inside the town there is the beautiful Cala Moresca, overlooked by the namesake village and lighthouse, in proximity of the Bellavista promontory, visible from the Gennargentu slopes. It also hosts a military base. In front of the marine of Arbatax there is the long and beautiful beach of La Capannina that connects Arbatax to Girasole.

Along the beach there is the pond of Tortolì, famous for the presence of mullets from which the delicious Ogliastra's "bottarga" is obtained. A visit to the square of the Red Rocks, behind the harbour, cannot be missed. On the seafront, just before the pinewood, there is the recently-renovated "fourteenth tower" Arba a Tashar. Going south, circumventing the promontory and going through the Telis hill, it is possible to reach the beautiful Bay of Portofrailis, tourist area full of villas, residences, hotels and clubs while on the right side of the bay there is the majestic tower of San Gemiliano. Thanks to its strategic position, Arbatax is the doorway to Ogliastra. Those who arrive by ferry boat have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the harbour located at the foot of the colourful maritime town. Arbatax is, together with Tortolì and Lanusei, one of the most important localities in the province of Ogliastra.