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Serenusa Village


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Serenusa Village
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A modern four-star resort located in an ancient hamlet between Gela and Licata. 56 km far from Caltagirone and 60 km from Scala dei Turchi. It is the ideal destination for couples and families who ...

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Licata, in the province of Agrigento, is a sunny sicilian city with ancient origins dated back to the prehistory. Its territory is mainly hilly, extended for 24 km, and is crossed by the Salso river that gave birth to the Piana alluvional plain. The many civilizations that dominated the sicilian territory during the centuries influenced Licata, which now is a combination of different traditions and cultures.

Licata is characterized by a crystal-clear sea, ancient history and culture and offers its visitors a great variety of fun activities. Its seafront is more than 20 km long and alternates white-sand beaches and beaches covered in pebbles. The typical mediterranean climate consists of mild winters (9°C-15°C) and hot summers (21°C-27°C) and allows the tourists to visit Licata during every season. Among the most popular beaches there are: Playa Marianiello in proximity of the fishing harbour, an uncontaminated beach delimited by a wall of white gullies called "timpe"; the beach of Mollarella, the most populated beach in southern Sicily; the beach of San Nicola, wilder and rocky; the beach of Torre di Gaffe.

The local economy is mostly based on agriculture (vineyards, olive groves, carobs, citrus groves and fruit trees) and fishing (shrimps, platessa, sea basses, sarago, octopuses and blue fish) thanks to the modern fishing fleet made of about 2000 fishermen. The gastronomic local tradition is characterized by sardine meatballs, pasta alla milanisi, muffoletti and christmas pastries like mastazzoli and minnilati.

Licata is a culturally and artistically interesting town. The district of the Marina is strongly influenced by the arab domination while the district of Maltese di San Paolo has many baroque structures. The beautiful sixteenth-century spanish fort Castel Sant'Angelo and the Lighthouse of Licata, 40 meters high, one of the tallest in Europe, testify that Licata used to be a fortified city. There are also religious buildings like the Church of Sant'Agostino and the Church of Santa Maria Nuova that respectively preserve the beautiful statue of Madonna Addolorata and the famous Chapel of the Black Christ.