Marina di Camerota

In the heart of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano

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Located in the wonderful Marina di Camerota, this hotel is situated directly on the beach of La Calanca and is the perfect place for those who love privacy but want to stay close to the city centre.

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Marina di Camerota is a fraction in the municipality of Camerota, in the heart of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, between the Gulf of Salerno and the Gulf of Policastro. Its origins are very ancient and its name probably comes from "Kamaratòn", meaning "arch-shaped structure", referred to the lay of the land which is characterized by many natural grottos that have a vault shape. Marina di Camerota's natural beauties were awarded with the five blue sails of Legambiente twice, with a "bandiera blu" and "bandiera verde" ten times for being among the best beaches in Italy suitable for families with children.

Marina di Camerota's economy is mainly based on the tourist industry. Its natural features (the beautiful coastline, bays, inlets, beaches and crystal-clear sea) and its accommodation facilities (villages, resorts, campgrounds and b&b) can satisfy the demands of every kind of tourist in one of the biggest and best harbours of Salerno. Beside the tourism, the traditional activities still have a great importance in Marina di Camerota: manifacturing of olive wood and stone, baskets, embroidery and production of tuna, anchovy and eggplants in oil. Marina di Camerota also offers numerous activities, events and celebrations especially during the summer.