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Four-star tourist village located directly on a beautiful Ionian beach, surrounded by an eucalyptus wood in Marinella di Cutro, about 18 km far from the airport of Crotone and 80 km from the airport ...

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Marina di Cutro: cosa vedere

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Marina di Cutro is located in the municipality of Cutro that also includes the tourist fraction of Steccato di Cutro in the province of Crotone, 226 meters on the sea level, 20 km far from the airport of Crotone and 75 km from the airport of Lamezia Terme. King Filippo II conferred a honorific title to this city because the first world champion of chess in Europe and the New World came from Marina di Cutro: this is why it is known as "the city of bread and chess".

Marina di Cutro is also known for its gullies, low yellowish hills (because of the wheat plantation) that resemble the dunes of the desert. The territory is crossed by a series of rivers and torrents and has 7 km of coastlines on the ionian sea, characterized by white sand and crystal-clear sea.

In proximity of the marina there is the municipality of Cutro where it is possible to visit Palazzo Santa Chiara, the church of the Santissima Annunziata e Collegiata and the church of the Crucifix where the seventeenth-century statue of Christ on the Cross was sculpted by a franciscan monk and proclaimed national monument.