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Price starting from

€ 60

Borgo di Fiuzzi Resort & Spa invites its guest to discover the scent of the sea, nature, traditions and hamlets, castles and cliffs that overlook the Tyrrhenian sea.

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Praia a Mare

Praia a Mare is a pretty town located on the border between Calabria and Lucania, not far from the mouth of the river Noce. It lives in a kind of play of colors and scents that cling to the mountain before diving into the blue of the sea. The municipality of Praia a Mare is included in the Pollino National Park, where extreme sports enthusiasts can try their hand at rafting and descending by raft or canoe along the nearby Lao river, one of the most important torrential in Calabria. Also not to be missed is a visit to the Dino Island, south of the town, opposite Capo dell'Arena. The imposing rock spur, where Primula palinuri grows, a protected species among the oldest of Italian flora, is famous for the presence of suggestive caves such as the Blue Grotto, the Lion, the Frontone, the Sarde, the Monaco and the Waterfalls . Just south of the island of Dino there is the beach of Fiuzzi characterized by stacks, rocks, rocks and ravines. Praia a Mare is one of the most important and popular seaside resorts in the upper Tyrrhenian part of Calabria and the first, in chronological order, to have given itself a tourist setting. Beaches of very fine dark sand and pebbles, jagged coasts, seabed populated by gorgonians, starfish and numerous species of fish are some of the characteristics that have made Praia a Mare one of the most famous tourist resorts in Calabria.