San Teodoro

Breathtaking beaches with crystal-clear sea and an active nightlife

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€ 40

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€ 15

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€ 11

Apartments furnished in a simple and functional way with references to the Sardinian style, on the ground or first floor or on 2 levels, with equipped patio or veranda, all equipped with kitchenette ...

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€ 50

Located in San Teodoro, Monte Petrosu, inside the protected area of Tavolara-Punta Cavallo, surrounded by a 80-hectar park, the Resort Grande Baia is situated 10 km north of the centre of San Teodoro ...

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€ 74

Futura Baja Bianca is a splendid village on the beach of Salina Bamba in the “Tavolara-Capo Coda Cavallo Protected Marine Area” not far from Cala Brandinchi.

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€ 19

It is 27 km far from the Olbia airport/harbour and 500 meters from the centre of San Teodoro. For its extraordinary location and friendly atmosphere, it is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday by ...

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€ 12

This residence has lined-up apartments located in a quiet and private area, 400 meters far from the city centre and near the wonderful La Cinta beach.

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€ 67

Located in the heart of San Teodoro, the Hotel Club Le Rose is located directly on its private beach and offers a full board with beverages included during the meals.

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San Teodoro is a prestigious tourist locality in Sardinia thanks to its natural beauties and its efficient accommodation facilities. Easily reachable, San Teodoro is the perfect destination for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday by the sea with its beautiful beaches and wild nature. San Teodoro also means sports, adventure and nightlife. It is physically and culturally included in the locality of Gallura, in the northeastern part of Sardinia, one of the most hospitable areas of the island.

San Teodoro consists of many different natural environments: the wet areas before the shores, the big lagoon that hosts a various avifauna, the mountains with the peak of Mount Nieddu, natural waterfalls and also historical places full of evidences of the traditional local rural life.