Sangineto is a popular tourist destination in the province of Cosenza

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Residence Club Sangineto
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€ 41

The Residence Club Sangineto is located just 250 meters from the sea and the sandy beach in Sangineto Lido, a popular tourist destination on the sea, located in the center of the "Riviera dei Cedri"

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Sangineto is an Italian town of 1,289 inhabitants in the province of Cosenza, in Calabria.
The small town is mainly divided into two nuclei: the historic center, very characteristic which is located in the mountains and the Lido (Le Crete) which is located near the sea. A popular tourist destination in the summer, the Lido sees the number of its inhabitants multiply, mainly due to the presence of various rooms and accommodation facilities for the holiday. At the Lido you can admire the "Castello dell'abuso", a 15th-century square-plan castle with 4 towers and a loggia. The castle is well preserved, also thanks to a recent restoration. In summer the castle gardens host theatrical and musical events and shows (including the concerts of the "Peperoncino Jazz Festival". Sangineto can be reached by taking the coastal state road 18.