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Lighthouse tower

Fraction of the municipality of Messina on the north eastern tip of Sicily. Better known as Capo Peloro, one of the most evocative places in all of Sicily. The name of the town derives from the presence of an important lighthouse, attested as a building already in Roman times and preceded for centuries by lighting points that were used to help sailors to cross the Strait of Messina. Precisely at this point, in fact, there is the minimum distance between the shores of Sicily and Calabria (about 3.6 kilometers of sea). Characteristic of the place are the gusts, eddies generated by the current of the Strait of Messina, which in past centuries animated the legend of Charybdis, a nymph with an insatiable voracity who for stealing oxen from her son Heracles, was transformed by Zeus into a monster who for three times a day he swallowed and regurgitated the waters of the strait, swallowing everything that was above or below the surface of the sea (including sailors).