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The Green Park Village is located in Vieste, in the heart of Gargano, not far from a splendid bay of golden sand and a few kilometers from the town, in a strategic position to easily reach Peschici ...

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It is an ancient center of fishermen but also farmers, whose finds date back to the Bronze Age.
this charming city has a picturesque medieval village that is divided into narrow alleys, the houses are of typical local white stone joined together by very suggestive buttress arches. The city is dominated by an imposing castle built by Frederick II in 1240, from which you can admire a fabulous view of the sea. Vieste is considered the Rimini of the Gargano in fact it is the most important and famous tourist center of the Gargano.

What to do and see in Vieste

1 Promenade, recently restored, offers a breathtaking view over the suggestive Pizzomunno beach, up to the head of the Gargano. This small square hosts various events during the summer season, including a festival.
2 Arco di San Felice, it is a real arch formed naturally with the erosion of the wind and the sea, This land is full of bays, caves, coves, and the Arch of San Felice is one of the most characteristic symbols of this territory.
3 Pizzomunno Beach, also known as del Castello or Scialara, is a beach of very fine sand located south of Vieste, right at the gates of the city. Like almost all the beaches in the city, Pizzomunno beach has free access and can accommodate dogs and other pets.
4 Porto Greco beach, It is a pristine clear gravel beach, surrounded by very high limestone faces overlooking the sea. The color of the sea is a bright blue, the seabed is high and therefore suitable for expert swimmers.
5 Borgo Antico di Vieste, It is a picturesque medieval village, characterized by narrow articulated alleys, the houses are of white stone and joined together by very suggestive buttress arches.