Ancient maritime republic, an enchanting place with unique landscapes

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Amalfi is a municipality in the province of Salerno, Campania, an ancient maritime republic that gives its name to its famous coast, which was acknowledged as Unesco's world heritage in 1997. It was founded by the romans and in 1800 it became the first maritime republic: it competed with Pisa, Venice and Genova for the control over the Mediterranean sea. The maritime codex of Amalfi, known as "Tavole amalfitane", had a great influence until the seventeenth century.

Amalfi is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Campania's coast, known and appreciated all over the world for its artistic and natural beauties, crystal-clear sea and the hospitality reserved to the tourists. The picturesque and unique city centre is located on the rocks of the Lattari mountains. It is a romantic place full of alleys, little squares, villas placed against each other and mountains overlooking the sea.

The centre of Amalfi is made of alleys and narrow streets where it is possible to taste the delicious "cuoppo" (fried fish-based specialty) and is dominated by the Duomo dedicated to Sant'Andrea, with a facade made with decorated mosaics and a majestic staircase that leads inside. From the portico of the Duomo it is possible to reach the Chiostro del Paradiso and the Basilica del Crocifisso. Walking through narrow streets and winding flights of stairs, the tourists finally reach the monumental cemetery that overlooks Amalfi and the centre of Atrani, and the ancient convent of San Francesco with its beautiful courtyard. In the ancient times, Amalfi was also famous for its paper industry: there is the Museo della Carta, located in an old watermill where the machines that were used to produce the paper are preserved.