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It is a town of 1,785 inhabitants in the province of Vibo Valentia in Calabria and is located less than 200 meters above sea level, a short distance from the sea and the mountains. Joppolo faces the Tyrrhenian Sea and borders on another destination known as San Bruno Melia. The coast of which it is composed is famous throughout Italy for its rocky conformation and for the crystalline and transparent sea that breaks on the coast. Joppolo beach is one of the most beautiful on the Costa degli Dei and is mainly made up of large and smooth pebbles. The picnic areas set up in the Monte Poro area are beautiful, an ideal destination for those who love nature, especially for those who dedicate themselves to nature excursions and trekking routes. Between the sea and the mountains there are numerous sacred buildings, which rise between spectacular plays of roofs.

To be seen

Sanctuary of Monte Poro, sacred to the Madonna del Carmelo, in 1994 has already celebrated the first centenary of its construction. It is located high up in the woods.
Torre Angioina, on a small promontory almost overlooking the sea.
Caroniti, a small village that stands clinging to the mountain and is characterized by its narrow alleys with ups and downs.


The protagonists of the Joppola cuisine are honey, figs and almonds. Among the typical dishes we find eggplant fritters (made with dried aubergines), pasta and beans, tagliatelle and stewed octopus with abundant sautéed Tropea red onion. Blue fish is widely used, especially fried with olive oil. Excellent sausages are produced: soppressate, nduja and sausages.