Important and ancient twon in lower Salento

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Things to see in Maglie

Maglie is one of the most important and ancient centres in the heart of Salento, 28 km far from Lecce, 30 km from Gallipoli, 50 km from Santa Maria di Leuca and 15 km from Otranto. This municipality is situated in a strategic position that made it an important economic and cultural centre crossed by main roads and railway stations that connect all the municipalities of Capo di Leuca.

Its historical centre is characterized by a labyrinth of alleys where it is still possible to admire sixteenth-century architectural structures, baroque elements and eighteenth-century palaces. Maglie is full of churches inspired by the baroque style coming from Lecce (1500-1700): the Duomo, the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Church of Santa Maria della Scala. It is also an active farming, commercial, industrial and arts and crafts centre where laces, embroideries, furnitures and wrough-iron objects are produced.