Marina di Ugento

Cradle of ancient civilization and art set in lower Salento

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Located in the wonderful Torre Mozza area, in the province of Lecce, this facility is particularly near to the beach and consists of a central building, a series of lined-up apartments, a pool and a ...

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€ 60

Located in Lido Marini, a fraction of Ugento, Puglia, only 100 meters far from the beach and 33 km far from Gallipoli, the Hotel Club Ravezzo has a wonderful sea view and was completely renovated to ...

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Costa del Salento Village
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Located in the sunny Lido Marino, on the beautiful Ionian coast of Salento, the Village offers rooms and apartments equipped with all the comforts, a buffet service in the restaurant, an entertaining ...

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What to see in Marina di Ugento

Ugento is located on a low hill that slowly slopes down to the sea, in the province of Lecce. It probably owes its name to the root "auso", meaning "bright, shining" because of its particular position on the Ionian sea that was once called "Ausentum". Ugento includes the fractions of Gemini and Torre San Giovanni, the marinas of Torre Mozza and Lido Marini and Fontanelle. It is renowned for its sandy shores that resemble the caribbean beaches and its artificial basins scattered across the hinterland together with majestic and wonderful olive trees. Inside the town there are the ancient walls built by the Messapians, italic population of the eighth/seventh century B.C., the Episcopal Palace and the eighteenth-century cathedral. Marina di Ugento is full of golden-sand beaches touched by Gargano's crystal-clear water.

On the ionian coast, there is the Parco Litorale di Ugento, a natural park with two protected areas that give value to its already precious environment. In this area, on the Serre Salentine hills, there is a flourishing mediterranean scrub with olive groves that provide the perfect environment for trekking and horseback rides. Terenzano, Le Pazze, Artanisi and Mammalie are the main coastal localities of this territory together with Torre San Giovanni, which has a comfortable harbor with boat rental shops and tourist boats for fishing. The beach clubs are equipped with every comfort such as sunbeds, beach chairs and umbrellas and there is the possibility to listen to good music in beach clubs like the Cocoloco. The tourists who want to learn the history of this town cannot miss a visit to the Castle of Ugento, the Cathedral and the Archeological Museum in the historical centre. This museum preserves important findings such as the bronze statue of Zeus (found in 1961, symbol of Ugento) that testifies the cultural exchange with the messapian civilization.

Torre San Giovanni and Torre Mozza are two beach localities that owe their names to two of the many sighting towers scattered across Salento. The delicious traditional specialties, the hospitality of its inhabitants, the many high-quality accommodation facilities and beach clubs make this town one of the favourite tourist destinations for summer holidays. Torre San Giovanni is considered the main marine of Ugento because it is the closest one to Marina di Ugento and directly administrated by it; moreover, their historical pasts are strongly connected. The namesake tower, today, is a lighthouse decorated with a chess design. It is undoubtedly the most populated of the three marinas of Ugento during the summer.