Winner of the "bandiera blu" and the five sails of Legambiente for the cleanest sea in Italy

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Situated only a few steps away from the sea, inside the international village Rosa Marina. Refined building with mediterranean style, surrounded by a wonderful natural scenery full of palm trees and ...

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Situated only a few steps away from the natural oasis of Torre Guaceto, Salento, among bays and inlets, the Riva Marina is a four-star resort with 1000-square meter pools, a wellness centre and a ...

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TH Ostuni
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Ostuni is located on three hills 218 meters on the sea level, 8 km far from the adriatic coast, and is also called "Città bianca" (white city) for its characteristic historical centre that once was entirely painted with white lime. Its territory is part of southern Murgia, on the border with Salento. In 1994 and 2015, this renowned tourist locality was awarded with a "bandiera blu" and the five sails of Legambiente for its clean water and coast and for the high-quality services it offers.

In 2005, Puglia acknowledged the municipality of Ostuni as a tourist locality. The white city surely deserves a visit for its gastronomy, scents, sea, white-lime houses and views on the Adriatic sea. Its historical centre preserved its medieval structure with alleys, little squares, narrow streets and flowering staircases. It is a city with a rich history inhabited since the paleolithic, as the many archeological findings testify. In 1998 it was elected "art city" for its historical, artistic and panoramic beauties.

Ostuni is characterized by a 17 km coastline with wide beaches, mediterranean scrub, sandy inlets and rocky coasts. The seafront of Ostuni is one of the most important tourist attractions of Italy and here are numeorus accommodation facilities: villages, residences, apartments, hotels, campgrounds, luxury hotels and resorts that can satisfy the different needs and budgets of the tourists.