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Positano is a resort on the Amalfi Coast, a very famous tourist destination visited every year by many Italian and foreign tourists. Since the time of the Roman Empire, Positano has been a holiday resort, as attested by the villas and other finds. This town is located at the foot of the Lattari Mountains, between Punta Germano and Capo Sottile and offers its visitors pebble beaches and narrow and steep streets, full of shops and cafes. There are many events and festivals that are held in Positano and that fall, especially in the summer months.

The origins of Positano date back to prehistoric times, although the village was built around the ninth century and was later destroyed by the Saracens. His fame is closely linked to a local mathematician, Flavio Gola, inventor of the compass. Rival of Amalfi, Positano gave himself to navigation, providing boats to the Angevins during the war of Sicilian Vespers. After a period of decline, Positano was frequented by many artists, who were fascinated by the beauty of the landscape.

From the point of view of food and wine, also in Positano, as in the whole Amalfi Coast, is strong production of limoncello and desserts such as lemon delight, Positano cake and "babarese". Those who visit Positano cannot fail to treat themselves to a typical piece of clothing or a pair of tailor-made sandals, perfect for facing the endless stairs of Positano that, from the top of the village, reach the beach. The main beaches in Positano are: Spiaggia Grande, which is connected to Fornillo beach by the so-called Path of Lovers; La Porta beach; Arienzo and San Pietro Laurito.

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