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Positano is located on the Amalfi Coast, in the province of Salerno. Since the roman age, Positano has been a holiday resort (as the many villas and other evidences testify). It lies at the base of the Lattari mountains between Punta Germano and Capo Sottile and offers its visitors beaches with pebbles and narrow alleys with shops and coffee bars. Numerous events and festivals are organized in Positano during the summer months.

The origins of Positano are dated back to the Prehistory, but its hamlet developed during the ninth century and was destroyed by the Saracens. Flavio Gola, a local inhabitant and mathematician, invented the compass. It was in competition with Amalfi and, during the war of the Vespri Siciliani, provided boats to the Angevins. After a period of decadence, Positano began to be populated by many artists that fell in love with its landscapes.

Positano, just like the entire Amalfi Coast, is a great producer of limoncello and desserts like the delizia al limone, the positano cake and the "babarese". Another important manifacture is that of tailor-made clothes or sandals, perfect to walk on the countless stairs that, from the highest part of the locality, lead to the beach. Its main beaches are: Spiaggia Grande, connected to the Fornillo beach by the so-called "Sentiero degli Innamorati"; the beach La Porta; Arienzo and San Pietro Laurito.