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Club Esse Sunbeach located in the Gulf of Squillace, is 300 meters from the beach. It offers its guests the All Inclusive treatment and a free child. Multilingual village, has swimming pools with sun ...

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Choose the Porto Rhoca Resort in Squillace in Calabria for your beach holidays. Take a look at our offers, indeed compare them and you will discover all the advantages of living a dream called Calabri ...

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Squillace is an Italian town of 3,417 inhabitants in the province of Catanzaro. It rises on three hills at about 344 meters above sea level, which are closed by two streams, the Alessi and the Ghetterello. The town is located in a strategic position for the control of the homonymous gulf, on which the districts of Squillace Marina (also known as Squillace Lido or Squillace Scalo) and Fiasco Baldaia arise. According to a legend, it was Ulysses who founded the city. The King of Ithaca, while he was returning from Troy, landed, after a storm, in an area between the Corace river and the Alessi river, from here Squillace originated. Other sources affirm that it was Menesteo who founded the city.
Among the things worth visiting are the winding alleys of the old town, the town hall, the Clarisse monastic complex, the gothic church of Santa Maria della Pietà and the church of San Matteo as well as several stately and prestigious palaces on an artistic level. architectural.
But the symbol of the city of Squillace is undoubtedly the Norman Castle which stands in the highest part of the center. In addition to Squillace there is also Squillace Lido which is a renowned seaside resort, with clear and clean waters.