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Hotel Club Guardacosta


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Hotel Club Guardacosta
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€ 40

The hotel is located directly on the sea, in the heart of Cirella, a small and charming village on the high-tyrrhenian coast, only 4 km far from Diamante (city of graffiti and chili pepper). Surrounde ...

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Villaggio Club Holiday Beach
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€ 25

The Villaggio Club Holiday Beach, surrounded by greenery, offers its guests a relaxing familiar environment with all the comfort and services of a tourist village thanks to its Club Formula.

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Diamante has always been a generous land, the Tyrrhenian Sea, fishy as few, allows a good trade of fresh fish, the flourishing and rich mountains, are well suited to a breeding and a fruitful cultivation; the typical products of the area are the Calabrian hot pepper and cedar. Obviously tourism plays a role of great economic importance, Calabria holds 10% of the entire coastal heritage of Italy, and Diamante, during the summer, is one of the municipalities of the Upper Tyrrhenian area of ​​Cosenza with the highest number of visitors and tourists, thanks also to a coast with white beaches and crystal clear sea.