Fuscaldo Marina

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Marina di Fuscaldo

It is one of the many fascinating hill villages in the province of Cosenza. The historic center has an important architectural value with several places of historical interest. The beach as well as the marina on the Riviera dei Cedri are ideal for relaxing moments during your holidays in Fuscaldo.

What to do and what to see in Marina di Fuscaldo

1 Piazza Indipendenza, the beating and panoramic heart of Marina di Fuscaldo, an obligatory destination for all tourists.
2 Convent of San Francesco, a large monastic complex that includes a church, two libraries and an additional ancient cloister represents one of the oldest architectural testimonies of the town.
3 Chiesa Matrice, a place of great cultural interest, also very ancient dating back to the 11th / 12th century.
4 Church of the Immaculate Conception, which with its very high bell tower supported by 12 tuff columns enchants tourists who would not expect such grandeur.
5 Church of San Giuseppe, also of great historical and cultural interest where it is possible to admire the paintings of Giuseppe Maria Pascaletti.