Grisolia Lido

In the heart of Riviera dei Cedri and the Pollino National Park

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The Hotel Club Dominicus rises in the heart of the Riviera dei Cedri, one of the most suggestive areas of Calabria characterized by long sandy beaches. It is only 50 meters far from the beach with ...

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Grisolia, in the province of Cosenza on the high-tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, is located on a hill and is separated from the nearby inhabited centre of Maierà by a ravine. It is a famous beach locality in the heart of Riviera dei Cedri, 450 meters on the sea level. Grisolia is also included in the Pollino National park with its Mount La Mula (1910 meters on the sea level), the highest mountain in an italian municipality by the sea. Its territory is inhabited by a great variety of species such as the centuries-old chestnut trees (Grisolia's symbol), the local roe deer and the apennine wolf. The nature lovers can enjoy a wonderful view on Riviera dei Cedri, the entire Gulf of Policastro and Palinuro.

The town is divided in three areas: the modern area by the sea, the intermediate/marine area and the nucleus of the historical centre. Grisolia was born as a medieval centre full of alleys, staircases, arches and palaces with different sizes, styles and age like Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo de Patto and Palazzo Tosto.

Grisolia's traditions are numerous and various. One of the most important traditions is the procession of San Rocco di Montpellier on the 16th august: many barefoot women follow the statue of the saint carrying wooden structures with candles, flowers and ribbons on their heads and singing songs dedicated to him. The streets are embellished with flowers and ribbons that create a suggestive scenery.