Enchanting city in the National Park of the Gargano

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Village a few minutes away from the maritime city of Manfredonia, suitable for families with children. It has a private beach, an amphitheater, a playground and an entertaining service all day long ...

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Manfredonia is a maritime and harbour locality in the province of Foggia, in the National Park of the Gargano, Puglia. It owes its name to Manfredi, son of the emperor Federico II, who founded the city so that the inhabitants of the nearby Sipontum, destroyed by the saracenic invasions and an earthquake, could move there. Its harbour is one of the most important tourist attraction of the city and has a fundamental role in its economy (thanks to the many beach clubs, tourist villages and campgrounds.

Manfredonia still preserves the charm that king Manfredi gave to this city. Recently, its Carnival has become extremely famous among tourists and the inhabitants of the nearby areas, with parades of floats and masks of traditional characters like "Ze' Peppe".